Elevator Service

Elevator service work allows you to upgrade a particular elevator device without upgrading the entire system. It also ensures your elevators stay in compliance with the current B44 elevator safety code.

We service some of the following elevating devices:

  • Door operators and door locks
  • Door zone lock clutches
  • Car top safety railings and in-car railings
  • Infra-red door detectors
  • Hands-free phones
  • Emergency return units
  • Fixtures (car and hall buttons)
  • Pit stop switches
  • Pit ladders and pit steel
  • New cab interiors

We are an independently-owned company, so our service rates are extremely competitive!

*Often building owners assume the company providing elevator maintenance has to be awarded all service work as well. However, if your current maintenance provider is presenting you with a quote for work not covered under your contract, then you are free to get a price from someone else.

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