Elevator Modernization

We specialize in elevator modernization from very basic elevator upgrade projects to the most complex, major alterations in the industry.

Through years of experience and successful elevator upgrades, we have built a reputation of being extremely efficient and practical.

We replace older equipment that does not comply with present-day code. Classed a major alteration, we would replace components such as:

  • hoist machine and motor
  • controller
  • car fixtures
  • wiring
  • cabs
  • interior finishes

There are lots of benefits to upgrading or modernizing your elevator equipment:

  • Energy savings: New equipment operates on less power
  • Reliability: New equipment will prove to be more reliable with fewer service interruptions
  • Better dispatching and service: New ‘smart’ controllers are more flexible and programmable
  • Safer: A modernization ensures you are up to code

*Modernization projects can prove to be challenging as we are typically working in an occupied building with tenants or residents. We ensure the public’s safety is maintained while working in this environment. Have questions or concerns? Contact us for details.

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